lundi 25 juin 2012

FAKIR "YAKUZA" Mini Qee Série chez TOY2R

Ça y est, c'est officiel et c'est pour bientôt ! L'artiste FAKIR a signé chez TOY2R, l'un des plus gros fabricant de designer toys dans le monde. Le rendez-vous est fixé en Août 2012 pour la sortie de sa "YAKUZA" Série sur la plateforme Mini Qee de TOY2R. Stay tuned !

Announcing the latest addition to the 5" Mini Qee Artist Line - The Yakuza Series by Fakir.
Toy2R USA makes every effort to scour the globe to find new artists and fresh designs to work with and when we found a set of original custom Mini Qees by French artist, Fakir, it was a no brainer that they should be made into production pieces. Originally the artist created a similar design using the 9 inch Bunee Qee, but creating a collection using the Mini Qee platform seemed the best way to explore the variations of Fakir's Yakuza theme.
Scheduled to be released in August with an SRP of $28.00 each, expect to see a few different versions as the Yakuza take over the world.

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